5 min.with TCO / Olga from My Blonde gal

Hi everyone! Today is another special,charismatic,fashionable fashion blogger.
Her name is Olga Choi.Let’s see interview…

Me : Can you tell to my readers about yourself?

Olga:  Hi, I am Olga Choi, born and raised in Russia. Several years ago I came to South Korea to get my Master’s degree and met a wonderful Korean guy, so here I am now – happily married almost Korean girl with European state of mind and personal style.
Me : How would you describe your personaly style?
O: Mostly elegant with a drop of riot. I own a lot of dresses and skirts and just 4 pair of pants ) High heels are my passion so most of the time I look girly and delicate. Except the rare days when I want to wear leather jacket and biker studded boots )


Me :Why did you decide to make a fashion blog?
O:  Previously I had just a lifestyle blog but at some moment I felt that my passion to fashion got bigger than my follower’s interest. So I start a new blog at blogspot, belive that

I have something to tell about my personal style, be someone’s inspiration.
Me :  You are also a fashion store owner,can you tell more about it and how can we reach to that store?
 O : I own a store Miss Nabi (http://www.missnabi.com/ ) but it is mostly oriented to my Russian readers ) .


Me :Who are some of your favorite designers?
O : Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Marc Jacobs
Me : What matters to you most as a fashion blogger?
O :  Stay true to myself. Previously I thought that following all fashion trends will make me fashionable, but the true style is in your heart.
Me :  In the end,can you tell some advice or message to my readers?
O:  Don’t try to copy someone, find your own way. Be yourself, everyone else is already taken )

Thank you Olga for your time and my lovely readers visit blog My Blonde gal
and get some inspiration 😉
                                                        XOXO I.