5 min. with TCO / Anna from Poschstyle

Hi everyone! Today is very special,stylish interview with lovely Make up artist Anna -Maria.
So let’s meet her!!

Anna Posch

Me: Can you tell about yourself to my readers?
Anna:  My name is Anna Posch and i´m from Vienna! I work as Make Up Artist since 4 years and i still love it. It was and it is a tough business but at the moment i´m on the set or backstage i know i made the right decision to be a make up artist.

Me: When did you begin to write a fashion and beauty blog?
A: Around 3 years ago i started with my babyPoschstyle.com 

Me:   How do you update yourself with latest fashion trends in the market?
A:  Inspiration i get from my friends, online and of course from some good old fashion magazines (Instyle, Vogue, Woman,…)

Anna posch

Me: How would you describe you’re signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other make up artist?
A:  I would describe my make up style simple, classic and chic ‘less is more’ and i learned a lot of my idol Bobbi Brown. It´s a big different to do the make up on costumers or on models for a shooting. Both is interesting and i´m still learning something. 

Me:  Favorite make up must have products?
A: My favorite make up products are: Mascara, a pink blush, my new long-lasting eyeliner Nr. 102 by Chanel, Lip balm Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden.

Me:  What are some common beauty mistakes that women make?
A:  Many women use too much Make up. Start with foundation, concealer, blush and do your eye-brows. You see, sometimes you don´t have to do your eye make up anymore! 

Me:  What do you suggest “The Charismatic One ” readers do to achieve the perfect everyday make up?
A:  For a everyday make up is important to find out the right color of your foundation, it should be looking like your skin! Use the right Skincare before you apply Make Up. For a bit freshness apply bronzing powder, blush and Lip gloss. 

Thank you so much for your time and advice about make up.My charismatic readers,go on Poschstyle.com  and follow her!
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                                                         XOXO I.