5 min. with / Jovana Bovan

Jovana Bovan is owner of http://www.cipelicastiklica.com/ ,charismatic,stylish ,she has a lot of  creative ideas about places for photo shooting.Every post has a story ,so let’s meet her!!

TCO : Welcome to The Charismatic One interview! Can you tell to my readers about yourself?
Jovana: Thanks! My name is Jovana Bovan, I’m 25 years old. I absolutely love fashion and that’s the main reason for building my Fashion blog Cipelica Stiklica

TCO :Why did you decide to make a fashion blog?
Jovana: A couple of years ago i came across these 3 blogs The Blonde Salad, Late Afternoon and Ar-Ar 1, 2, 3…style. What those girls did seemed interesting, but i was interested how a blogger functions more than anything. I made a profile on google, then a blog and then came the first post.


     TCO : How would you describe your personal style?
    Jovana : You could describe my clothing style as romantic and in better part womanly, and that is what I prefer, but also, every now and then, in my combinations, I let a bit of casual, urban and rock go through.

TCO : What let you to write about / be involved in the world of fashion blogs?
JovanaAs I said I LOVE fashion, fashion is my passion and that is the main reason, but not the only one.. At first my idea was to inspire my friends with my outfit ideas, but in time my blog grew and I found myself spending more and more time posting and thinking about my next post, outfit… something new to share.

I wanna be forever young5

 TCO : What would be your ultimate dream job?
Jovana: My dream job is a combination of my profession (information technology) and fashion, so you could say that my blog Cipelica Stiklica is a dream come true!

TCO : Who or what has been your greatest fashion influence?
Jovana: My inspiration is in general triggered by the things that surround me, everyday, little things above all, but also various motion pictures, fashion magazines, blogs.

I do not follow fashion blindly. As far as fashion trends go, I only take up and adopt ideas which I like, which I can suit my body and fit my style best.

I wanna dream with you1
curly ponytail3

 TCO : What current fashion trends do you like the most at the moment?
Jovana: I find  aztec print very interesting.

TCO : Can you tell some advice or message to my readers so they can build their own blog / site? 
Jovana: My advice is, if you love fashion, go ahead, build your own fashion blog, but first you have to know that blogging requires a lot of time and hard work. Also something to remember is always to be yourself, find your own style and show it to the world

Thank you Jovana for your time,it’s really great to know you.So my lovely readers,after this interview go now on http://www.cipelicastiklica.com/

                                                                     Till next interview,