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    Looking  for something new,cool,fashionable,but simply? You are at the right place.! Today, I’m          presenting one of my favorite fashion blogger from Bosnia & Herzehovina….Let’s meet her

TCO; Hello!Welcome to The Charismatic One blog,can you tell a little bit about yourself to my readers?

Z.: Hello to all your readers. I’m Zaza, owner of a fashion blog called Zaza’s Blog. I’m just an ordinary person,  positive and open. I love life and everything about it. I love fashion, photography and interior design.  And by the professional title I’m a special education teacher.

TCO: Why did you decide to make your fashion blog?
Z:I cant’t say I decided to make my fashion blog. It just happened that way. I’ve always been passionate about clothes, fashion and photography, but my biggest weakness was that I’ve always been, belive it or not, a little bit shy.  That is why I started my fashion blog a just one year ago and not earlier, althoug I wanted to. 

 TCO : How would you describe your personal style?
Z: I don’t have a unique style. It mostly depends on my mood.  So it can be anything, from rock, grunge,  bohemian, hippie to chic, classic, elegant, sophisticated. I enjoye in mixing and matching different styles.

TCO : .What let you to write about / be involved in the world of fashion blogs?
Z: I wanted to try something new. To give myself chance to upgrade my fashion style in general, and to show it to young people, hoping that some of them will find great inspiration on my blog.

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 TCOWho or what has been your greatest fashion influence?
Z : My biggest fashion influence, since I was a little girl, always’ve been my aunt. Today, I find fashion inspiration everywhere, on other fashion blog, on the street, music videos, movies. There is so much fashionable people that I look up on, like Miroslava Duma, Alexa Chung, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sienna Miller and many more.

TCO: What current fashion trends do you like the most at the moment?
Z: There is so much fashion trends at this moment that I really like. It’ very hard to say that one is my favorite. At this moment I’m really into sweatshirts with interesting animations and prints, college and bomber jackets, leather pieces, biker boots, biker jackets, faux fur pieces  and so on.

TCOCan you tell some advice or message to my readers so they can build their own blog / site? 
Z : Don’t try to much to be different if you don’t feel that way,  just be yourself and wear what makes you feel good, comfortable and confident, and if you want to show it to the world just do it. Very simple. 

Thank you Zaza for your time and i wish you all the best! After interview,go direct on her blog Zaza’s blog 
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