Palazzo pants & burgundy sweater


Wearing : Sunnies: Koton/ sweather – H&M/ bag – Mytheresa/ shoes- &other stories / palazzo pants – Forever21

My wardrobe is ready for my new Autumn clothes.Over a weekend I cleaned out old clothes that I’m not wearing for a long time,so that can come new one.
Also I decided to donate clothes to refugees in Rosenheim,to them any help is welcome.
So old stuff out new came,as this burgundy fringe sweather from H&M and one of my favorite online store where I bought gray bag.

Moj ormar je spreman za jeenjske outfite.Preko vikenda sam ga ocistila i izbaciola stare stvari ustvari stvari koje dugo nisam nosila i koje za sigurno necu vise ni nositi.A i odlucila sam da doniram odjecu izbjeglicama koje su u Rosenhem-u,svaka pomoc im je dobro dosla.
Kao i sto je ovaj novi bordo dzemper dobro dosao u moj ormar.


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