Samsung Global Blogger

                                                                    Hi everyone!

3 days ago i got a invitation from zooppa to participate in competetion Samsung Global Blogger.
14 countrys are in that competetion ,including Germany.
I as a representative of the Germany have to win in my country (Grmany) to become a trip for Olympic games reporter in London.

So the requirement is to make a video of 30 seconds,to tell celebirty jury why i´m the best to be part of Samsing Global Blogger.

Also,i have a video ,which i love to show you here and please vote for me! 😉

  It is important that you can follow all reports on my twitter account and here in my blog.
And also i can convice you that i´ll send and show all interesting topics about London,Specialy about Olympic games,meeting a famouc personalities..

Here is my video :