Interview / Emina Saletovic

                                                                       Hi everyone!

Finally i want to present my first projeckt as a journalist.My first blogger guest is Emina Saletovic from .A girl from my country Bosnia ( Tuzla) and i´m so proud of her and of her creativitet.
I asked some questions about blog and personal style,so check this and enjoy reading 😉

  Me : Hi Emina! Please describe yourself a little bit and tell me about your blog?
     Emina : I´m a student of literature who loves fashion and i own a little vintange shop.

Me :  How would you describe your personal style?
E:      My style is a mix of everything,there isn´t a certain category i can put it becouse i love 
      vintange boho,expensive,cheap…all sorts of things.

    Me :  What is your favourit accesorisse?
     E :    I love rings and wear them a lot, sometimes i make my own jewelry and those 
             are the pieces i love the most.
     Me:  Any fashion secrets or fashion advice for girls who starting out?
     E :     Belive in yourself,try your best and always be honest.

     Thank you so much Emina. 

  And my lovely readers if you want to follow this wonderful bosnian and carismatic blogger check out her blog :